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ERLANDCREATIVE delivers standout marketing and retail strategy in the cannabis space. Our seasoned team brings our passion in the industry to drive growth and sales. Your brand is your biggest asset. We create your unique story that will resonate with consumers to build brand loyalty with a lasting emotional connection.




Brand Development

We create smart brands that are more than just a mark for your business – but inspire a lifestyle and meaningful connection with consumers.  Through the power of innovative creative and storytelling we transform businesses to grow and thrive in a competitive market.



Retail Experience

Your brand must stand out from the crowd and offer a unique and memorable experience. With our 20 plus years building global retail brands, we partner with you to build a fully integrated retail experience that is an extension of your brand story – creating a specialty boutique or shop in shop, building and retaining loyal customers.




Through elevated design and production techniques, we communicate the message by creating distinctive eye-catching product design and packaging that will stand out on the shelf and make the customer come back for more.



Website Creation

We create fully integrated digital content that is not only engaging but enhances the user experience to showcase your product and drive conversion.



Partnerships and Events

Finding the right partners is our specialty. We build strategic partnerships that drive awareness and revenue while creating a lifestyle experience and connection to your brand.



Video Content

The online experience now demands original video content as a part of the mix. Our team of talented videographers will create a dynamic visual experience generating greater following and user engagement.



Communications Strategy

As the cannabis market becomes more saturated and competitive, generating awareness and standing apart from the completion is essential.  We build a communications strategy to message to the consumer the unique qualities and experience that your brand delivers.





Cynthia Erland

Cynthia is a seasoned marketing and retail executive, creating the big ideas that drive revenue for global brands including American Apparel, C&C California, E! Entertainment and Donna Karen Beauty. As SVP of marketing at American Apparel, she oversaw marketing for 130 retail stores, e-commerce, wholesale marketing, partnerships, public relations and social media driving awareness and growth in nineteen countries.  She has taken her passion and expertise in retail and brand marketing and has now translated this in the cannabis space, heading up ERLANDCREATIVE, driving customer acquisition and sales for leading California cannabis brands.


Gary au

Gary is a Los Angeles based art director who specializes in multi-channel projects including brand identity, advertising, packaging, e-commerce and retail design for apparel and beauty companies for over a decade. He has experience working for a broad range of brands including American Apparel, Joe Fresh and Paul Mitchell.


Shaun OSter

Shaun is a Digital, SEO and Data Analytics guru. He brings 20 years experience working with global brands from ABS to Yakult. Whether creating the optimal e-commerce site, generating mega SEO, or analyzing the data that drives customers to site, Shaun is a perfect balance of creativity meets computer geek. In his free time Shaun is composing music on the beach, playing his drums for fans or cooking up a cannabis feast. Shaun is savvy to the latest in technology and driving traffic and analyzing the details. Shaun is also a Virtual Reality pioneer, having produced the first-ever VR album for the Oculus Rift.



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